Digital Marketing

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Your new business needs to be visible on the digital landscape. This page has information and contacts for creation, provisioning, and management of your digital strategy.

Website and SEO

Your website might simply need to be a beautiful brochure or a complex software solution delivering a product or service to your customers – your Value Proposition may be that solution and it’s delivery. Whatever the function and purpose of your website you should ensure that the design includes easy and intuitive navigation. Your new website should be optimised for search engines by someone who can demonstrate a skill and knowledge in this specialised field. Each page of content should be well written and informative. Check the current view of what Google likes and especially doesn’t like so your site can achieve the best possible ranking. The site absolutely must be built using responsive design so it offers a good user experience for browsing on mobile devices and catches the 40% plus users who now only use mobile devices for browsing the web.

If you need a website project scope document written or are ready for a new responsive website design for your business go and visit our web design and SEO partners Sticky Marketing. They will find out what you need for your business and advise you on the best possible online solution for the best price.

eCommerce solution

Whatever your Value Proposition is it will need to be rolled out in front of customers. It may be that your business is or needs an online store and therefore you will need a well optimised responsive website with an eCommerce solution. There are a lot of solutions on offer so it can be a bit like trying to work out which mobile telco to go with. You need to make sure that you don’t end up with a website that has cost you time, stress, and money that isn’t what you thought you wanted. Choose your web designer carefully and try to ascertain if they have the experience to do what’s needed and most importantly that they understand exactly what you actually want. You might consider the worthwhile cost of getting a professional web designer to write what’s called a ‘project scope’. This is firstly so you can see in writing a full description and outline of your web project and so you can get other web designers to quote comparatively on the same job specifications.

If you require a website project scope document written or need an eCommerce website created for your business go and visit our web design and SEO partners Sticky Marketing. They will analyse what you need for your business and advise you on the best possible online solution for the best price.

Social Media

Using social media to build support and advocacy for your brand, services or products is becoming a prerequisite part of modern marketing. You can deal with your own social media content marketing however you run the risk of being distracted from your core business and also damaging your businesses by inadvertently misusing social media. Social media management is an expertise these days so find and speak to a social media consultant about developing and managing your campaign. Find out which social media platforms are going to work for your business and which may be a waste of time and effort. If you intend to manage your own social media there are social media consultants who can tutor you in the basics and assist you along the way.

Media Content

Your digital marketing Strategy will need one or all of the following content types; text, video, photography, and sound. If you are a capable writer you can save money by creating your own written content for your website, blogs, social media campaigns, press releases and other advertising or promotional materials. It may be true that it’s easier to turn an expert into a writer than a writer into an expert however great writing is not something we can all do so you may need to turn to a professional wordsmith to do really your products or services justice in words. As with writing you may be an ok photographer and be able to shoot video quite well – just remember that there is a big difference between amateur and professional skills and hire an expert if you have any doubts.