Are you really prepared to launch your new business ? Do you have a good understanding of all the things you need to consider? Do you have a business model that has structure and will function? This page outlines the operational requirements and 'building blocks' your new business will need.

The list below looks at the operational and logistical needs of your business. You should consider all of these and mention them in your Business Plan if they are required. Any one of these items could be the thing that hampers your new business in it’s infancy. As always seek professional advice for anything that you are not sure about.

Management – What needs to be done and who is responsible..

Capital – What is this going to cost and where do I get the money..

Partners – Can I go it alone or do I need help..

Staff – Will I need to employ people to create and deliver my products or services..

Training – What do I or my employees or partners need to learn..

Accreditation – Do I need any industry body recognition or qualifications..

Compliance – What things are actually required by law..

Governance – What things are not mandatory but should be done..

Permits –  What official permissions do I need for my business..

Premises – How much space will the business need..

Stock – Will I need to carry stock of any kind..

Materials – Does the business need to source materials..

Marketing – How will my customers find out about my products or services..

Sales – How will my customers buy my products or services..

Distribution – How will I deliver my products and services to my customers..

Manufacture – Does my business require products to be made or assembled..

Communications – How is my business going to contact and stay in touch with my customers..

Records – How will I keep info about the relationships my business has with customers..

Risk Management – What can go wrong and how does my business protect itself..