So you want to know how to start a new small business..? If you've arrived here because you have been offered an opportunity, have a business idea, are looking for a business idea and have a desire to follow your entrepreneurial instincts we've got what you need!

You are a budding entrepreneur or mumpreneur with an idea or opportunity. Now you want to take the first steps to control your own destiny. This website is an awesome resource to enable you to start a new business.

How your new business is going to score on the success or failure scale will depend on a lot of factors. Understanding the nature and structure of your business model and getting all your building blocks together is essential. You need to know what resources you have (and don’t have), what things you will need to outsource, what channels and partners you need to establish for marketing, sales, and distribution, who your customers are and how you will communicate with them, what your value proposition is, what your costs will be, and most importantly how you will make a profit.

It helps to have some passion for your business or its subject. Drive and energy is essential. Patience and an ability to listen are assets that you have or should develop. If you are doubtful or lack commitment talk to people with experience or read their stories for inspiration. If your friends and family support your venture or if you are fortunate enough to have a suitable mentor then consider yourself lucky because it will help you on your business adventure.


  • You have a great idea you want to realise or you are looking for an idea
  • You just want to know if your crazy idea could fly
  • A redundancy has created the opportunity for self employment
  • You are wanting to move from unemployment into self-employment
  • You are a stay at home Mum that wants to create a new business
  • You are a school leaver or graduate with a burning ambition
  • You are a NEIS recipient wanting to set up your business framework
  • You are a retiree wanting to have a small business to create income and independence

Maybe you are not any of the above but still want to pursue your dream – you have come to the right place to get started. Use this site as a reference for the tools and things you need to tick off your list of TO DOs for your shiny new business.bubble-to-do-list01

You can also do some of the essentials you need for your new business right here like search for and register your new Business Name, do a Domain Name search, secure the right Domain Name registration for your website, get hosting for your website and email, order your new business cards, and even purchase templates for important documents like a Business Plan or Marketing Outline.

There are going to be things you could do yourself and tasks that you should get someone else to do for you – the trick is deciding which! If it’s really worth doing yourself that’s great – otherwise outsource it!